From Fortune 500 companies with huge bureaucracies to "mom-and-pop" shops, clients often miss the simple things. To minimize your bill, read "Efficiency 101" and click on our Tips and Tools.


You want to be strong, and we want to see you at your strongest. While good service isn't cheap, you can easily waste time and money by failing to set a sound legal strategy early. Cost-efficiency depends on your ability to clearly define what you want and how to get it.

Some clients avoid taking simple precautions, later paying much more when things go wrong. Other clients stumble when they try to go the cheap route with garden-variety products that don’t fit their long-term goals. Other clients lose patience and take shortcuts that cost more in the end.

Your best plan starts when you realistically define your key goals and practical obstacles. Before buying legal services, do yourself a free favor: Define and critique your understanding of your matter – whether it’s a business idea, transaction or dispute. Don’t be kind or gentle on yourself. Look for possible “blind sides.” Be ready to identify the practical problems and communicate your priorities. Often, you can't have everything, but you need the thing that fits you best.

Doing yourself this extra favor will help you hire the most fitting lawyer, give them the tools they need to do a great job, partner with them through the process, and reduce your overall bill. It will also help you to recognize successes even when life isn't perfect and to see if your lawyers are helping you to be as strong and successful as you can be.

So, dream big, and plan well.

-- Saura


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